Chicoans trained to monitor immigration enforcement NorCal Resist holds training at Chico cafe

by Leslie Layton

Autumn Gonzalez, an attorney who helps lead the Sacramento-based NorCal Resist group, spoke at the Blackbird Chico cafe this evening on how community members can support immigrants and monitor ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) during raids or other actions that might occur in this area.

photo by Leslie Layton
Autumn Gonzalez

Gonzalez said residents of the North State can support immigrant communities by acting as observers during ICE detentions, or by conducting a simple protest during immigration enforcement actions or by accompanying asylum seekers who need support and/or rides to appointments and court. Those who attended today’s “Chico Accompaniment & Rapid Response to ICE Training” session were invited to fill out applications to become NorCal Resist observers who contact a hotline if they think they’ve spotted ICE in their community and then record or take notes if officers question or detain people.

Ruth Ibarra, also from NorCal Resist, reminded those at Blackbird Chico that they’re not required to open doors to their homes unless ICE officers can produce a warrant signed by a judge.

About 45 people showed up for the training session. Gonzalez said the organization has a network in the North State of almost 600 people.

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