Indian Dice Poetry of Place

I rigged the stars
to defy
the rolls of men,
l i g h t p o l l u t i o n,
rolling with
in the hills of los angeles.

so much is on the side of the solid blues:
freeways crisscrossing a landscape
that we cannot walk
an earth that will shake massively
any day now, we are told
roar at the millions of dead-
end carbon footprint trails
traversing its skin

now these solid blue men
look down at their scarred city
from the observatory in the hills
build skies
sculpt planets into airy
arching ums,
dome-shaped spaces of forgetting,
rooms of amnesia

forgive me
if i weigh these indian dice so they fall
on the side of the stars that run

© 2010 Tania Flores
Tania Flores is a frequent contributor to ChicoSol and a sophomore attending college in Los Angeles. She can be contacted at

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