At ‘Walkout for Palestine,’ calls for ceasefire

About 70 people, including students from Chico State and Butte College and a few faculty members and Chico residents, gathered in front of Kendall Hall today to call for a ceasefire and to remember journalists and other civilians killed in Israel’s bombing of Gaza. Chico State’s Academic Senate will hold a special meeting May 7 to vote on whether to agendize discussion on a ceasefire resolution, and ChicoSol will post a story after. (Photo by Karen Laslo.) read more

Stressed parents ignored COVID prevention policies Researchers: That may have worsened impacts

courtesy of California Department of Public Health

by Natalie Hanson
posted April 18

A new study on COVID-19 says that parents under stress or following pandemic misinformation were more cautious about Covid treatments and vaccines for their children -– and may have ignored or directly violated COVID prevention policies, including at schools.

But it is unclear how much those behaviors may have impacted counties with lower vaccination rates and amid significant infection rates, like Butte County. read more

Conflict of interest in Stephen Vest killing probe? Shooting sergeant member of Ramsey investigative team

from Butte County District Attorney website
Chico police Sgt. Nick Bauer, a member of the DA’s OIS investigation team, worked on the report about the killing of Mark Jensen.

by Dave Waddell

The Chico Police Department sergeant who shot Stephen Vest last month is a member of a designated team of officers that investigates officer-involved shootings in Butte County.

Sgt. Nick Bauer has been part of District Attorney Mike Ramsey’s Officer Involved Shooting/Critical Incident Protocol Team, which Ramsey has described as made up of “seasoned” law enforcement officers from agencies throughout the county. read more

Justice for Desmond group marks second anniversary of killing Families again gather to demand reform

Community members gathered Sunday to mark the second anniversary of the killing of 25-year-old Desmond Phillips, shot multiple times by Chico police officers in his father’s living room. Other parents frustrated with Butte County’s criminal justice system again joined the Phillips family for a march, potluck dinner and a program that included speakers and performances. read more

Tax bill draws protesters to LaMalfa’s office District 1 congressman targeted by protesters opposed to GOP bill

photo by Karen Laslo

About 75 people showed up to protest the GOP tax bill Tuesday at the Oroville office of Congressman Doug LaMalfa. Protesters organized by the Democratic Action Club of Chico and other groups came from Chico, Oroville, Rocklin, Quincy and other towns, arguing that the bill will cut taxes for the wealthy and raise taxes for the middle class.

Lenguaje que Ofende

Jamie Fisher
Jamie Fisher

Por Jamie Fisher

Trata de pensar en alguna vez que conociste a alguien quien hablaba un idioma diferente que el tuyo. ¿Cuál fue la primera cosa que querías saber cómo decir? A lo mejor, preguntaste a dicha persona como maldecir en su lenguaje.
Especialmente, para los que están tratando de aprender un idioma nuevo es casi un prerrequisito saber manejar vocablos vulgares. No sólo porque ese vocabulario nuevo abre las puertas a un mundo inmenso de expresión, sino porque también le da al hablante novicio un sentido de poder, sabiendo que es capaz de cruzar fronteras lingüísticas para escandalizar, insultar y emocionar. read more