HopPo Fuses Andean Sounds

A modern vision of songs from a past that remains current.

Ruben Albarran, aka “Juan, the one that acts as if he is singing,” and sometimes known as “Sizu Yantra” — it all depends if he is singing in one of the CDs of Café Tacuba (one of the greatest rock mestizo groups from the United Mexican States), or if he is electrified in one of his soloist projects. He is somehow the brains behind this interesting project that combines Andean sounds with the musical restlessness of Ruben “Elfego Buendia” and his musical partners, Rodrigo “Chino” Aros and Juan Pablo Villanueva from Chile and Alejandro Flores from Mexico.

The Project HopPo, which began around a year ago and has acted in Chile, Mexico, and now is performing in some U.S. cities, compiles songs that belong to icons of the New Song/Latin-American Folklore, remembering Violeta Parra with “Gracias a la Vida”  and “Me gustan los estudiantes,” Daniel Viglietti with “Canción para mi América,”  Ariel Ramírez and Félix Luna with “Alfonsina y el Mar,” Armando Tejada Gómez and Cesar Isella with “Canción con todos,” and other gems that have transcended time and political and musical movements, keeping these songs very strong among the Spanish-speaking culture.

In this video we hear and see Rubén “Cosme” dedicating the beautiful song, “Te recuerdo Amanda” from the Chilean singer song writer Víctor Jara to his wife Amanda Pascual.

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